JSC Bross was established in 2004.

  • We are professionals in buildings management and automation, increasing our experience in the sector of innovative engineering systems.
  • In recent years, our brand awareness has been expanding in other European markets as well.
  • During the life of the company, which lasts more than 17 years, we implemented more than 200 objects. Highly qualified teams of experienced and certified project planners, installers, and managers created a wide range of complex projects and can therefore offer their services from project preparation to its final outcome.

Our goal is to implement the highest quality building management systems for the client using the know-how of international manufacturers and our years of experience.


  • 0.4kv power cables;
  • low current cables;
  • telecommunication cables;
  • manufacture and installation of automated control cabinets;
  • engineering equipment;
  • sensors, gears, frequency converters, thermostats, pumps, etc.
Implemented projects

Solar energy



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